i sold out to amazon.com. – 28 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys)


question: why is every short story password protected all of a sudden?

answer: because i’m broke. published them into ten separate collections on amazon.com. they emailed giving five days to take the short stories off boroughoflostboys.com or else.


question: so i can’t read them free anymore?

answer: no you can’t. *wink wink.* if someone was to send me a facebook message or email asking for the password, giving it to them would be a personal favor to a friend (and not a violation of my contract with amazon).


question: what’s your facebook url and email address?

answer: http://www.facebook.com/frank.leone78 and frankie@bottleservice.biz.


question: where and how can i find your ebooks and paperbacks?

answer: amazon.com (their main site and kindle store). search “frankie leone” or “borough of lost boys.” they’ll come up. ten different titles in paperback or ebook. the first in the series of collections is “-self hating egoist-.” find it in ebook here or in paperback when that goes live in a few days.


question: so you’re selling out with no shame and abandoning guerrilla publishing?

answer: yes. yes i am.


dance with your devils,

(frankie leone, just a man)


About Frankie Leone

Tries to write a version of his truth. Also a nightlife worker. Born at Beth Israel Hospital on 1st Ave between 16th and 17th St on December 15, 1984. Lives in Brooklyn. Bears a few scars, tattoos, and regrets. View all posts by Frankie Leone

4 responses to “i sold out to amazon.com. – 28 (williamsburg, borough of lost boys)

  • Anonymous

    A man’s gotta eat…

  • Anonymous

    Frankie, it is hardly selling out if you are self published, which it appears that you are; you are still an artist, and will be able to share your work with many….. Words are to be heard and read. I hope you do well.

  • the frogman

    Congratulations. You deserve it.

  • kledon

    A great writer like you has nothing to be ashamed of by publishing a few books on Amazon. Far worse writers have made far more money peddling their wares, so asking for a few bucks in exchange for your art is hardly betraying anyone. If anything, you’re saving people from wasting the money on something worse.

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